Helium Voice Changer

Helium Voice Changer app is now available here for Android, iOS, windows. You can get the Helium Voice Changer app through download links given here.

Helium Voice Changer

Helium voice changer app helps you to sound funny. It makes you sound like you have just inhaled helium gas. In simple words, it makes you sound more of like a cartoon character than just normal. Well, there are facts that prove why you sound such. I believe you will be quite excited to know about it. Let’s go through it.

The helium gas that you inhale totally cuts off the supply of oxygen. Adding to it, the vibration made by the vocal cord which gives sound to the voice hit the helium gas. As it is the second most abundant and light gas helium easily takes the place of oxygen. So, when the vocal cords hit this helium gas instead of oxygen, a typical cartoonish sound is produced which will surely arouse laughter in the house.

Helium Voice Changer

Helium Voice Changer App

Prolonged consumption of helium gas can be dangerous for any of us as your body will be deprived of the oxygen gas for too long. We may sound funny using this gas but this gas doesn’t feed our body parts to work. Thus, using the helium voice changer app is a better option for using the helium gas for basically two reasons.

  1. It doesn’t cost you a single penny.
  2. Secondly, it doesn’t harm you either.

The helium voice changer app helps you to record both audio and video in a high-pitched tone. The working is simple, you need to press the start button to start the recording and as you press the stop button, and you can hear your recorded voice in a high pitched tone. Well, the app saves all the recordings in the app-gallery itself. You can access it using the interface available at the top right corner. Helium voice changer app won’t be much fun for adults though.

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