Iphone Voice Changer

Iphone Voice Changer app is now available for Android, iOS, windows here. You can get iPhone Voice Changer through download links mentioned on this page.

Iphone Voice Changer

You are in need of a voice-changer app if you love teasing or pranking your friends and family but fail to disguise your voice. Well, there are plenty of apps available out there in the market but some feel with ads while others don’t provide what you actually want. In fact, the number of apps available for Android devices is far more than the apps available for iOS devices. Therefore, it not only become your to find the right one but it also becomes difficult for you.

Well, that’s the reason why we are here for you. We bring you the app that you always wanted. Iphone voice changer app can help you change your voice into various other sounds that you will need. You don’t need to work hard anymore in order to find the perfect app. Voice changer app can be the perfect one for your iOS device.

Iphone Voice Changer

Iphone Voice Changer App

Iphone voice changer is the one that delivers what it promises. It will totally help you in changing the pitch of your voice and record it for as long you want. It will even help you to change your voice during a voice call. So, as I mentioned this can be the perfect time for you to prank your friends and family and finally disguise yourself. The interface may turn out to be a bit complicated for the newbies but once you are familiar with it, you won’t face any more problem.

This app brings in the following sounds.

  • Helium
  • Chipmunk
  • Robot
  • Old woman
  • Young Child
  • Scary
  • Deep
  • Low pitched

The number of sound tracks doesn’t end here. iPhone voice changer app comes with many more sounds from which you can choose one. So, I believe this can be the perfect app for your iOS device.

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