Voice Changer App 2020 | Best Voice Changer App [Top 10]

Voice Changer App 2020| Best Voice Changer App [Top 10] for Android, PC, Games can be checked here. Here is 10 Best Voice Changer apps list for you. In Android phone, among the greatest items is that the cool apps which are being designed for this particular operating system. With those apps, you may readily perform a lot of functions on your android phone that isn’t possible in any other OS.

Best Voice Changer App

So if we discuss voice changer apps, then I am certain that a lot of you may not have attempted such apps till today. But here we’re listing such awesome apps that you’ll surely like to test on your android phone since this Voice changer app can change any sort of voice onto your own device to ensure it is a trendy one. So take a look at all these apps which are listed under best Voice changer app.

Voice changer app for android allows you to easily modify your voice based on your will. You may apply several effects in your own voice to fool others or to enjoy your free moment. These voice changer app can quickly turn your voice to some person, girl, animal, bird, ghost and much more. Your voice quality may enhance and enable you to provide it amusing, frightening, romantic, slow, rapid and a number of other intriguing effects that you might need. Voice changer app also allows you to convert your voice from young to mature and older to young boy or woman.

Should we really Use Voice Changer App?

You will find some set of principles which aren’t written anywhere to become a moral prankster since you need to maintain the delicate balance which makes for a distinctive, humorous, yet not too offensive or over-the-line vicious joke. You also must be aware of the character of your prank character, as no two individuals are exactly the same, which means not everybody is able to take a laugh both well. On account of this latter fact, it’s far better to pick out a so-to-say sufferer you are aware of, though the more adventurous might unleash their pranking art on total strangers — especially when the prank’s favorite medium is your phone, which delivers a degree of anonymity and safety for your perpetrator. The simplest method of pulling off a top quality prank phone is using the assistance of a voice changer app, the very finest of that now you can familiarize yourself with thanks to this compilation under.

Top 10 Voice Changer App for Android 2020

Below we’d chosen a number of the greatest apps in accordance with their user reviews, evaluations and in accordance with their own downloads. Read the description and the list gives below to know which is the best Voice Changer App.

Voice changer with Effects


This is among the greatest apps that may greatly enable you to perform pranks with your friend circle. Additionally, this Voice changer app has the favorable user interface. With this app, you modify your voice and have a pleasure to use changed voice and easily capture your voice, then apply effects, and speak with your buddies.

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro


With this app, you may easily change your voice with RoboVox and also have your voice seem frightening or comical, musical, wicked or just like robots that are famous! RoboVox is an audio recorder and voice changer app using vocoder technology. Within this app, you may pick one of 32 different voices and jam with all the pitch and modulation configurations by slipping your finger throughout the X-Y controller area.

Voice Changer app


With this app, you are able to apply helium, chorus, monster, chipmunk, backward and a number of other funny effects to your voice. Additionally, you’re able to directly talk with the changed voices to your friends.

Best Voice Changer app

With this Voice changer app, you can capture an audio or pick an current sound file to perform the magical conversion. And you’ll realize that it’s extremely fun to convert the voice of you, your friends or your own loved ones and then talk with them via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LINE etc..

Prank Voice Changer App


If you’re searching for finest Voice Changer app about then get Prank Voice Changer app. You’re able to your voice by using the many audio effects exhibited within this app (i.e., pitch shifting, time stretching, rapid, slow, and backward, reverb, helium, hyper, chipmunk, robot, cyborg, whispering, psyco, possessed, bee, and extraterrestrial).

Voice Changer from AndroidRock


Here is the best voice changer app to modify audios. It’s extremely simple to use and will create funny and fantastic effects. This app has many voice effects to pick from.

Voice Changer By e3games


This app has rather positive user reviews on Google Play shop and had a great deal. This app does an easy task it displays your voice and permits you to apply any outcomes that you want. You’re able to save the recorded voice file and also may place it as the barcode, telling or alarm noise.

Voice changer for Kids


File your voice, allow the app make some magical, and also have fun! It is quite simple to use, which means you and your family members will appreciate and laugh listening to your changed voices, combining them with friends, which makes pranks, as well as developing an audio playing with the piano with your music!

Simple Voice Changer App


This is just another android app which enables you to modify the voice, so you may get a female’s voice sound slow and deep, turn your buddy’s voice to some robot and a whole lot more. This app offers 12 voices to pick from. This is a very simple app which can allow you to change the voice.

Helium Voice Changer


Have you ever wish to understand what your voice will probably sound as soon as you’ve inhaled helium then that one is going to be the right for you. But this does not have multiple effects just the helium effect can be obtained.

So above are the Greatest Voice Changer Apps For Android, download and then install these android apps on your phone and you may easily change voice into any kind of voice. Hope you enjoy these Voice changer apps, do talk with other people also. Leave a comment below in the event you have any questions on this.


So you’ve got it, Top 10 best Funny Voice Changer Android Apps for Smartphones & Tablets. In the long run, we have one app which you need to try. Based on Google Play User Reviews our vote also goes for using Voice Changer App With Effects. It was a close contest between this app and the Clownfish Voice Changer software which we have not mentioned here.